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How to Be Happy in 7 Steps

Strategies that can help you boost happiness fast

Even though there are tons of things you can do to live a happier life, here are 7 of the most important steps to growing your happiness. Give them a try to start living a happier life.

1. Find clarity.

How are you supposed to move your life forward when you don’t even know what you feel or why you feel it? To be happier, try to gain clarity on your emotions and then what caused those feelings. Once you have gained this clarity you are able to properly process those feelings. This evaluation will allow you to make the necessary changes to live a happier life.

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3. Live your values.

When you start to explore yourself and your values, you may discover that you’ve known all along what would make you happy. You’re just not doing it. Whether it be due to fear, or lack of knowledge on how to. You must make the changes needed. To find your happiness get clear on your value. So you can live your life your way, according to your own principles and values. The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result.

4. Pay attention to the good.

Sure, sometimes life is hard. But by paying attention to the good, you can rise above your challenges and be more resilient. When you find the good, savor the moment, and bring it with you to maintain happiness even during hard times. Concentrating on the good will elevate your mood and allow you to experience more happiness more often. We must manifest what we want to experience.

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5. Use your imagination to create the life you seek.

Did you know that your brain has a difficult time differentiating between things that happen in your imagination and things that happen in real life? So when you imagine something — even happiness — your brain acts as if it’s real. We can use imagination to help create happiness out of thin air and enjoy our experiences more. Once again, we must manifest what we want to experience.

6. Stay mindful.

Sometimes we want to escape. I mean, honestly. Isn’t there times when you just want to fill the bathtub up with the hottest water you can stand? Dump a bath bomb in the tub. Maybe add some lavender essential oils, or some Epsom salt. Just let the world ease right out of your pores. Watch all your troubles spiral down the drain when you’re done. The world seems dark and scary, but by practicing mindfulness we experience more fully both the positive and the negative — we are more fully engaged in our lives. Our minds are the most powerful organ in our bodies. Our thoughts affect our emotions.

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7. Explore what happiness means to you.

We all define happiness in different ways. When you know what happiness means to you, you’ll have an easier time finding it. So explore what happiness means, what it looks like, and what it feels like to you.

Follow these 7 steps to find your happiness or you can go here What Are Your Happiness Strengths and Weaknesses? for more advice.

I started my Self-Awareness Coaching career to help women create lives they love. I hope to assist you on your path toward greater self-awareness by teaching you how to understand yourself better and make decisions based on an understanding of what you want. With an expert strategy and tailored development plan, we will set realistic goals that you can achieve and use to continue working toward reaching your full potential.

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